Evolution Changes (Main Version)

Maractus: Cacnea max happiness day
Cacturne: Cacnea max happiness night
Alakazam: Kadabra Lv35
Machamp: Machoke Lv40
Golem: Graveler Lv40
Slowbro: Slowpoke max happiness day
Slowking: Slowpoke max happiness night
Magnezone: Magneton ThunderStone
Togekiss: Togetic SunStone
Cinccino: Minccino max happiness
Gengar: Haunter Moon Stone
Vileplume: Gloom Lv40
Steelix: Onix Lv40
Gliscor: Gligar max happiness night
Mamoswine: Piloswine Lv40
Froslass: Snorunt max happiness night
Glalie: Snorunt max happiness day
Kingdra: Seadra Water Stone
Electivire: Electabuzz Lv48
Magmortar: Magmar Lv 48
Gallade: Kirlia Sun Stone
Porygon 2: Prygon max happiness
Porygon Z: Porygon 2 Sun Stone
Dusknoir: Dusclops max happiness night
Honchkrow: Murkrow max happiness night
Mismagius: Misdreavus Moon Stone
Scizor: Scyther Sun Stone
Weavile: Sneasel Moon Stone
Roserade: Roselia Sun Stone
Gorebyss: Clamperl Sun Stone
Huntail: Clamperl Water Stone
ShayminSky: Shaymin Glacidea

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    • rayquaza says

      the way to evolve golbat to crobat, first you need to enhance your golbat happiness(use berry is the easy way),then level it up just 1 level..
      to see pokemon happiness come a house in turzoro city,and talk with lady.. if your poke happnss is max,she will say “it adores you…blablabla”

  1. Annonymus says

    Growlithe can only be evolved using fire stone? And is there any other way to get more fire stone , water stone etc… ? Also, where can I find the fire bug pokemon meraruba?

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