Evolution Changes ( C Dex Version)

Mothim: Burmy (Grass) Lv20 with an empty slot in your party.
Conkeldurr: Gurdurr Lv40
Victreebel: Weepinbell Lv32
Excavalier: Karrablast Lv40
Exeggutor: Exeggcute Lv30
Lickilicky: Lickitung Lv40
Rhyperior: Rhydon Lv52
Tangrowth: Tangela Lv40
Kingdra: Seadra Water Stone
Mr. Mime: Mime Jr. max happiness
Meloetta F: Meloetta max happiness
Electivire: Electabuzz Lv48
Magmortar: Magmar Lv48
Shaymin Sky: Shaymin Glacidea
Accelgor: Shelmet Lv32
Sudowoodo: Bonsly max happiness
Chansey: happiny Lv20
Weavile: Sneasel max happiness (night)
Gigalith: Boldore Lv42
Mantine: Mantyke Lv23
Probopass: Nosepass Lv43
Politoed: Poliwhirl Water Stone
Shiftry: Nuzleaf Lv39
Phione: Aqua Egg max happiness
Manaphy: Phione Lv60 (Atk=Def)
Simisage: Pansage Sun Stone
Roserade: Roselia Sun Stone
Rotom F: Rotom Thunderstone
Rotom H: Rotom Fire Stone
Rotom W: Rotom Water Stone
Rotom G: Rotom Lv20 High IV
Rotom I: Rotom Lv20 Low IV
Chandelure: Lampent max happiness (night)
Yanmega: Yanma Lv38
Ambipom: Aipom max happiness (day)
Alomomola: Luvdisc Water Stone

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  1. at Complement dex version, do the main evolution play part too? i mean, at main version, the haunter evolve with moon stone, how about in the C dex version? is it same?

  2. Is scyter absenr in the c-game?

  3. my Lampent doesn’t evolve, in spite of being level 65

  4. I have a Sneasel at max happiness at night, I leveled it up, but it didn’t evolve. Why?

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